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Computer Parts Upgrade is an online store where you can find best quality, major name brand memory at competitively low, affordable prices. We've been in the tech industry serving our customers for several years. We are one of the online computer memory stores which offer best quality, major brand memory(RAM) for your computer at amazingly low prices. We offer free shipping through USPS first class mail within USA.

Is your System running slow?
Taking longer than usual while downloading or opening various program files?
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You are at the right spot to solve these problems.

Upgrade your system's memory because upgrading system's memory helps system perform faster and more efficiently. We have memory available in stock for laptops, desktops, servers and workstations. The major name brand computer memory(RAM) which we've been offering to our customers includes Kingston, Micron, Hynix, Infineon, Samsung, Qimonda, Super Talent.

It's always been our pleasure to serve our customers. If your System is not listed on our website or you are not sure about the memory type that is compatible with your system, please contact our Customer Support so we can assist you with the memory type that is compatible with your system. You can contact us through phone at 1-209-271-8860 to talk to one of our Customer Service representatives. You can also email us at For any question about system's memory upgrade, customers can contact our customer support through any of the above mentioned method.

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